ecusafe v2.00




ECUSafe version avec tout les modules.

AD1 module
07.04 - new file type added (2010 factory update with anti-tuning lock)
06.03 - newest Scania (2009-2010) added.

DPx module
07.02 - some further updates in Siemens SID (especially SID202 Ford)
27.01 - Renault Siemens SID305 added, just many bugs corrected, some new structures (mostly various EDC17 and Volvo SID) added
17.01 - DTC tables for Ford SID improved.
05.01 - today whole day for updates. Just plenty of new and corrected things in DP databases.
Big thanx to RLS Chiptuning sro. for findng bug in SID Ford. Corrected.
03.01 - Some PPD1.x after factory update have problem with DPF counter (keeps growing by traveled distance) - improved)
01.10 - MJD Marelli - a lot of new cars added. EDC16 Chevrolet Cruze - some structures missing, added. thx BitPower
29.09 - EDC17 Opel Insignia 2010 and 2011 added (including postinjection off)
28.09 - EDC16 Mercedes, KIA, FORD - improvements against power loss in some cases.
13.08 - EDC16 Mercedes - DPF off switch corrected to avoid power loss in some cases/versions.
23.06 - EDC17 VAG - new files found.
14.06 - EDC16 VAG - postinjection removal added for many types of engines
07.06 - EDC16+ BMW - bug in some cases in DPF off bit switch. BIG (!!!) thx. Enrico Papini - All Car Racing
07.06 - EDC16+ Volvo - new version of DTC table found. Added.
01.06 - updates in Delphi processing
24.05 - EDC16 postinjection removal added
22.05 - New EEPROM types from VAG group added to EEPROM editor.
21.05 - Jaguar/Ford 2.7 TDCI Siemens SID201 is added. Process flash memory (not MCU memory).
20.05 - Further additions & improvements of SID error tables. Delphi Ford proven, added to algos, soon enabled.
19.05 - Recognition of short and long DTC error tables in Siemens SID added. New treatment method for long tables.
18.05 - Delphi DCM3.x in Peugeot, Citroen (2.0 HDI) added; VAG PPD 1.x error table handling improved
17.05 - KIA/Hyundai EDC17 updated. Ford 2.2 TDCI with Bosch - newe version added, including postinjection off.
14.05 - Siemens SID803 PSA - strategy level selector for FAP found, added
26.04 - VAG EDC16 down-counting for DPF fill level improved for 1.9 TDI and 2.0 TDI PD engines (minor changes to CR engines).
24.04 - some new EDC16 Saab/Opel added
22.04 - Chevrolet/Opel EDC16 DPF switch off (bit-switch) improved.
20.04 - MMI/FIS DPF error in Audi A8 4.2 TDI had different strategy. Method improved for 4.2 TDI
19.04 - MMI/FIS DPF error patch added (VAG EDC16), Renault Master EDC16 fill level counter patch added
13.04 - new Opel Insignia EDC17, new Kia Sorento EDC17 found, added.
12.04 - bug in EDC16 Renault found. Laguna 1.9 dCi may not start after FAP removal. Corrected.
07.04 - Suzuki EDC16 DPF counter patch added (same as for Opel/Saab/Fiat)
06.04 - various new cars added (Mercedes EDC16, new Siemens SID PSA etc). Issues with DTC P2089 in Mercedes corrected
30.03 - Diagnosis channels for DPF are switched off in EDC16 PSA 1.6 HDI, Mazda 1.6 HDI, Volvo, Ford if DPF is removed. Connecting with diagnosis tool will result in inactive channels of DPF/FAP.
25.03 - Diagnosis channels for DPF are switched off in EDC16 Mercedes, Renault, Nissan, Suzuki if DPF is removed. Connecting with diagnosis tool will result in inactive channels of DPF/FAP.
24.03 - problem with some older 1Mb EDC16 Opel resolved. Diagnosis channels for DPF are switched off in EDC16 VAG, Opel, Fiat, Alfa, Mazda, BMW, if DPF is removed. Connecting with diagnosis tool will result in inactive channels of DPF/FAP. Siemens SID processing for PSA added (for module DP3)
15.03 - Suzuki EDC16 - two new data sets added.
12.03 - new EDC17 Audi A5 found, with different DPF state switch, added
08.03 - new type of EDC16 Peugeot and Opel van ecu found, Kia (Korean Edition) added , thx Emstec
06.03 - EDC15 reworked, EDC17 VAG 1.4 TDI engines added.
19.02 - some Mercedes, PSA new cars with DPF added.
15.02 - Some Mazda DTC tables added. Support for Mazda improved.
12.02 - lot of issues in BMW EDC16 corrected (new files found) thx Chiptunawarehouse
06.02 - some issues in EDC15 PSA/Fiat corrected (mainly P1425)
04.02 - Mazda with Bosch ECU added to DP4
03.02 - improper calculation of Ford SID DPF DTC start poin, corrected thx Mario Deimbacher
01.02 - Merc Sprinter 2.2 EDC16 scan improved. thx Victor
22.01 - Volvo EDC17 added (beta). Choose “Volvo EDC16” for scanning EDC17 files too.
22.01 - PSA EDC16 wet systems errors P1442...P1446, P1536 resolved

SLx module
27.01 - EDC16 Renault/Nissan EEPROM speed limiter found, added
05.01 - Smart ForTwo (latest), some other ME9 cars
28.09 - VAG PPD1.x new limiters added
17.05 - MED17 SL updated
21.04 - new Visteon in Ford Transit 2.4 TDCI found. Added.
17.03 - ME7 BMW added, variants handling improved.
15.03 - MED 17 VAG reworked, 1.4 TSI engines added
08.03 - Some Suzuki EDC16, Kia EDC16 (Korean Edition) added, thx Emstec
27.02 - Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCI and other newest EDC16 (2009+) editions added
24.02 - bug in Suzuki limiter found - was causing problems with application even with other cars than Suzuki
22.02 - VAG EDC16 EEPROM removal for T5 and vans updated. Kia, Hyundai, Suzuki limiters added
19.02 - quite a lot of limiters added for EDC16 ECUs.
15.02 - EDC16 Mitsubishi Canter added.
06.02 - EDC17 Opel/Saab & VAG Group corrected.
06.02 - EDC15 PSA variant limiters added, Visteon Transit updated thx Thierry Iglesias
31.01 - Mercedes ME2.x (all types of engines)

v2.0.0.0 - some minor changes. Clearing results list when new car/file selected etc.
v1.9.9.0 - faster scanning, new PPD1.x algo that reverses DPF counter. Use old key for ECUsafe if asked.
v1.9.2.0 - algorithms for reversing compressed DTC control table in Delphi basing on MCU Motorola ECUs in Ford added
v1.9.1.6b problems with start in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and (probably) Windows 7 with future SP1 solved
v1.9.1.6 - problems with Mercedes EDC16 in some vans found, corrected
v1.9.1.2 - Bug in VW eeproms processing found - were recognized only if Audi chosen instead of VW.
v1.9.0.8 - AdBlue search was not working for 462 kb files. Corrected.
v1.9.0.6 - some speed limiters were missing. Repaired
v1.9.0.4 - MED17 VAG was missing in car list
v1.9.0.3 - EEPROM editor is active again
v1.83 - DPF fill level editor for VAG 4kb EEPROM added
v1.82 - BMW i-drive presence of DPF error at main screen in EDC16
patch to ECU program added to stop such behavior (see photo)
v1.81 - Siemens SID processing for PSA added
v1.80 - version compatible with Windows7
v1.76 - bug in EEPROM editor, if Boot Mode EEPROM from Opel/Fiat with size 4096 is read. Corrected.
v1.75 - speed optimization, minor changes in DP1 structures handle.
v1.74 - possibility of activation of DP8 added - MJD Marelli (covers Fiat 1.3 JTD, Opel 1.3 CTDI)
v1.73 - bug in PSA speed limiter routine corrected.
v1.72 - Compatibility to Windows 7 improved. MED9.x limiters improved
(in case of ESP fault speed limiter is same as for normal mode now)
v1.71 - checksum calculation for EDC15 Peugeot / Citroen / Fiat files added.
v1.66 - EDC17 limiters bug resolved, now all (at least all known) EDC17 cars that have active limiter, are detected.
v1.65 - Visteon Transit routine updated. Info for limiters active but set to over 330 km/h added.
v1.64 - bug in EDC16 Peugeot Vans speed limiter routine, corrected
v1.63 - correction needed for ME2.x speed limiters. Minor changes
v1.62 - small bug with BMW EDC17 speed limiter corrected. EDC17 “anti tuner protected” ECUs added
to protection mechanism